Trendy Fidget Spinner - High Speed Hand Spinner - Stop Bad Habits With Fidget Toy - Relieve Your Stress, Anxiety And ADHD With EDC Spinner Toy

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    HY-BIRD is committed to simplifying free time enjoyment, so that our customers need only focus on the pleasurable aspects of quality life.

    What is an 360 Hand Spinner Fidget Toy made of?

    • To create a fidget motion for the budget fidgeter, a pretty spinner hand, we made toy spinner with 100% passion.
    • The 2 wing fidget spinner is made of a high quality brass, the heavier metal ensures the longer spin.

    How to use an EDC Spinner Gold?

    • The great performance lasts 3-4 minute average. It could have been longer and up to 5+ if you flick it stronger.
    • Generally, you'll be flicking them back and forth more than you'll be trying to reach their maximum spin time.

    What bring for you?

    • So many testers around the world found that the gadget could very well improve your day-to-day by giving you an innocuous outlet for your nervous or bored energy. Adhd toy and anciety toy help to reduce ADHD, Anxiety, Autism and Killing Time! Let play with adhd spinners and anxiety spinner to improve your life!
    • Extra keychain function, upgraded ceramic bearings and modern gear. All in ONE Hy-Bird Fidget Spinner. Play with it today and It's easy to see why these Hi-Bird Spinners are essential items you would never leave home without!

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